PROJECT: Following on in the style of the large dessert-fragranced candles created by us previously, we have developed the label design and packaging graphics for a range of reed diffusers and mini fragranced candle gift sets for Urban Apothecary London.

Maintaining the bold, block colour coding, the diffusers are packaged in a tall, fold-over pouch-style carton with a hexagonal window which ties in with the form of the diffuser itself. The products are currently available in a range of 6 delicious fragrances in selected Boots stores and online

Pouch-style carton for Urban Apothecary London's new range of diffusers - artwork by Paul Cartwright Branding.Product label packaging graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.Diffuser packaging graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Full range of dessert-fragranced reed diffuser gift products with graphics and artwork by Paul Cartwright Branding.

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