Sainsbury's Organic You health and beauty/skincare range packaging design and naming by Paul Cartwright Branding.

PROJECT: Paul Cartwright Branding has designed and named the identity of a brand new range of organic skin and bodycare products for Sainsbury’s called Organic You. The range of seventeen products is divided into Body, Skin, Bath and Skin Treat categories and uses the most organic ingredients available and is approved by the Soil Association.

This is Sainsbury’s first venture into the organic health and beauty field and follows on from the success of the SO Organic food brand. Organic You reflects a more considered way of living, for a customer who wants to enjoy the sense of well-being of using an organic product as part of their daily routine, assured of the quality and origins of the product.

Kate Blandford | Ex-Head of Design at Sainsbury’s: ‘In my time as Head of Design at Sainsbury’s, I contracted Paul to undertake branding and packaging design work for some key health and beauty sub-brands.His experience in and understanding of this category were invaluable as was his deeply held belief in the power of beautifully crafted design executed with a real eye for detail.’

Sainsbury's Organic You skincare range packaging design and naming by Paul Cartwright Branding.Sainsbury's Organic You gift set design by Paul Cartwright Branding.

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