PROJECT: Adding to the increasing stable of Mamado brands, we were asked to create the packaging design identity for a capsule range of men’s face and beard care products; consisting of a beard oil, beard shampoo and a face and beard moisturiser.The carton and label design features a masculine grey metallic ink with a fine repeat pattern, a vivid yellow highlight colour, with the Mamado brand logo featured in a silver foil.

The vertical orientation of the text is a deliberate point of difference and allows the product names to be larger than normal and highly legible. Launching later this month it will be available at independent retailers and online.

We have also created a series of magazine advertisments featuring a range of men’s faces to support the marketing of the range.


Mamado men's grooming product range designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Mamado beard care product range - identity, labelling and carton graphics by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Mamado men's beard care range - graphics and identity design by Paul Cartwright Branding.
Men's grooming range packaging graphics and shipping box graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

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