PROJECT: Based on an existing relationship with one of the UK’s leading beauty wholesalers, we were asked to look at the product labelling for a new range of aromatherapy essential oils and carrier oils under the ‘Mamado Aromatherapy’ brand.

The labelling features strong colour-coded product ingredient imagery and related product text and a bronze coloured metallic foiled logo for on-shelf appeal, designed specifically for the African/Asian markets. Available at independent retailers and online.

Mamado Aromatherapy oil range product labelling design by Paul Cartwright Branding

Mamado Aromatherapy Oil label design and artwork by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Mamado Aromatherapy oil range bottle label graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding

Mamado Aromatherapy Lavender Oil label design by Paul Cartwright Branding.

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