PROJECT: Paul Cartwright Branding were approached to create an impactful and informative packaging graphic style for a new, innovative garden frame product called FIGO, designed and developed by Hyphen Design, London. The carton graphics had to communicate in an instant, within a busy garden centre scenario, the nature of the product and how to use it, through the use of one colour print for the box and a small, full colour label. The retailer’s website >

Mike Elam | Director, Hyphen Design Ltd, London: “Paul Cartwright Branding has carried out a number of related projects for us recently. Their creativeness, professionalism and competitive pricing leave us with no option but to come back for more! We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

FIGO garden frame connectors | Packaging graphics and artwork designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

FIGO garden frame connector packaging graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding. FIGO frame connector packaging designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

PROJECT: Based on the packaging graphic design work Paul Cartwright Branding were asked to design the back wall panel and mid-floor unit graphics for their demonstration stand at the GLEE garden show exhibition September 2009.

Sharon Wong | Owner: With six weeks to go and a brand new product to launch, all my packaging design plans came to a halt when the designer I was working with had a personal crisis and he had to leave the project suddenly. And that’s when Paul came onto the scene, through the recommendation of a friend. To be concise, after an initial discussion, he seamlessly took charge from where we left and within 72 hours, produced artwork for all our packaging, pamphlet, website, and graphics for our show stand at a major exhibition, ALL of it a definite improvement on what we had! It’s almost embarrassing to say this but we did not realise until then, that what we had before was ‘incoherent’. Working with Paul has been such a pleasure and he always delivers spot-on work that is beautiful, sharp and adds value to your brand.

FIGO garden frame connector exhibition stand graphics designed and artworked by Paul Cartwright Branding for the GLEE show, Birmingham 2009.

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