PROJECT: Following on from the re-design of the Amplex roll-on deodorant range, Paul Cartwright Branding were asked to design the packaging identity for the re-launch of Amplex’s famous breath freshening capsules.

The identity, with its strong peppermint flavour colour coding, features the new Amplex logo contained within a silver hot foil stamped ellipse and is applied to the mint capsule dispenser label, product carton and on-shelf display carton.

Peppermint, Spearmint and Original flavours are currently being launched throughout the UK with a great reaction from independent chemists and retailers.

Amplex Breath Freshening Capsules - Product labelling, carton and counter display carton graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding

Three variants of Amplex breathfreshening capsules - logo, label and carton design by Paul Cartwright Branding.Amplex Peppermint Breath Freshening Capsules. Product identity label, carton and counter display graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

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